The Pro-LabManager is made specifically for laboratories in the field of environmental related testing, covering the complete ecosystem – Certification, Research, Testing & Analytics and Manufacturing.

The Pro-LabManager allows your staff to work in silos which increases efficiency but at the same time provides a platform to integrate efforts across functions in your laboratory to drive up efficiency. All the tasks from creation and submission of quotations to lab maintenance to generation of testing reports to invoicing are well integrated to provide top management with a realistic picture.

The Pro-LabManager is developed using ‘Open Source Technology’ hence customizations can be easily incorporated to make the software system a tailored fit for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the product do ?

It automates the functioning of the Lab testing procedures as well as other commercial documents related to the revenue such as Quotation, Invoice, Receipts, Outstanding statement and registers etc.

How does it work ?

To clearly understand how the prolab software works, we can schedule an online demo of the product to the prospects at any place of your convenience.

Is your product a Single User or Mutl-User ?

It is a multi-user product installed on your server.

Do we require purchasing multi user licenses ?

No. We do not charge on the basis of number of users, nor  do we charge any license fee to be paid to any other source. Our product is based on ‘Open Source Technology’ and developed entirely by us.

We customise as per your requirements, and do not impose on you any predetermined formats.

If we finalise to go for the product, how can we proceed further ?

Since the prolab software is based on web technology, we can install the product on your server with the assistance of your local hardware person who will provide us with the necessary information. Once we have the required details / access to your server we can easily install the Product on your network.

How can we get training for using the software?

Since it is an online software, we can easily train the users through online methods. We would ensure that your users are trained properly by allotting a trainer to do the same.

What about after sales service ?

We shall see that you are not put to any difficulties during implementation and actual usage. For any issues that you may perceive and need any clarification, you simply have to send an email and we will attend to it during our normal working hours.