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Progile has a team which is passionate, dynamic and fired up to achieve and maintain a leadership position in IT sector. We have a multi-sector experience and research orientation to continuously innovate, upgrade and customize the services and products to meet the evolving needs in the market place. Progile has built the team from inside, have all the required skills in house, are technology driven, have a clear market and customer focus. Their core promoter groups have an entrepreneurial mindset in their long employment career and have a conviction that they can achieve what they have now set out to do. They have demonstrated, during their employment phase, their ability to have a deep understanding of the markets and the products these markets need and develop significant competitive advantages, raise the competitive barriers and making it very challenging for others to enter. The team is highly committed and cohesive with a singular focus on making Progile and keeping it a market leader in the space they chosen to be in.

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