Environmental Lab Automation


The client is a one of the leading pioneers in Environmental research , Manufactures of effluent treatment plants, testing of effluents and consulting major industrial players for Certification with pollution control boards. Having a strong presence in India for the past 30 years and has of recent years successfully installed treatment plants in the Middle East and Africa. It boasts of an employee strength of over a 100 people making an estimated turn-over of over 100 cores.

Business Need

The client intended to develop a system which would automate all current transactions within the organization which were carried out manually. The client had realized that this practice is eating away into lot of time at different levels of the organization in doing repetitive tasks in an inefficient manner. We suggested a phase wise approach to make it easy to comprehend for the employees, since they were not acquainted to such environment. The starting phase decided on was, Lab Automation and Automated Invoicing. The application would track samples from effluent collection to Report generation, schedule future collections and automate invoicing against reports generated. It would track a history of Instruments, their repair details and calibration details.


Progile proposed to develop an ERP which would automate all current manual transactions within the organization in phases. Key features of first phase:

  1. Generating customized quotations on customer inquiry and emailing the same in pdf format.
  2. Recording of purchase orders, scheduling effluent pick-ups, and future pick-ups.
  3. Tracking effluent containers from sample pick-up to report generation
  4. Automating all laboratory calculations for better accuracy and speed.
  5. The reports would now be auto generated in pdf format and delivered to customers by email.
  6. The application would keep a track of reports generated to invoices prepared for the same, with no manual intervention. The invoices would be then delivered to customer in pdf format by email.
  7. All payments received against invoices sent would be recorded and strongly tracked to reduce redundancy in future invoicing to the same customer.
  8. Security is fully accomplished within the intranet, as accessibility is established on roles. The application administrator decides the roles and the access to the screens depending on the responsibilities handled by the user. The users gain access to the application by logging in, using a unique UID and Password.
  9. The health of the organization, is monitored by the management from the state of art built in dashboard, detailing instantaneous status of laboratory, samples, invoices, prospect to customer ratio and much more.

Business Benefits

As the company is switching from manual transaction to automation, there will be major impacts in processing speeds as well as accuracy in reporting.

  1. Time taken from Sampling to Report generation to be drastically reduced.
  2. Manual entry into registers and cost for maintaining these records can be almost nullified.
  3. Amount of time lost for results to reach the office and similarly, for rechecks to return back to lab, will be cut down.
  4. The Managers will be able to see the status of the lab and the functioning of the firm from the dashboard, thus decision making will be expedited.
  5. The flow and working of the organization will be more streamlined for better efficiency.
  6. There will be better control on prospect to customer conversion leading to profitability.