Pro-LabManager for Mitcon Consultancy and Engineering Services Ltd.


Company background

Environmental Management and Engineering Services

With environment protection and management becoming one of the most crucial and debatable issue of the world, MITCON’s Environment Management and Engineering Services (EMES) Division has carved out a niché for itself in offering some of the best services for environment management and engineering. The EMES Division provides services such as GIS mapping and analysis, environmental impact assessment (EIA), DPR for solid waste management, design & supply, operation & maintenance of effluent / sewage treatment plant (ETP/STP), illumination survey, ventilation survey, vibration survey, calorific value estimation and environmental monitoring for various industries through its well-equipped MoEF and OHSAS recognized laboratory and team of experts.

Laboratory Services

(Environmental Laboratory is recognized by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi, under Environment Protection Act,1986)

  1. Analytical Services
    • Water, wastewater, hazardous waste analysis, soil, oil, calorific value determination.
  2. Monitoring Services
    Ambient air quality, work-zone air quality monitoring 
  • Source emission, fugitive emission monitoring
  • Efficiency assessment of air pollution control equipment
  • Noise level monitoring
  • Illumination and ventilation survey
  • Vibration survey
  • Operation and Maintenance Services
    • ETP, CETP and STP
    • DM Plant
    • RO Plant

EME division of MITCON serves to various sectors like – GIS&RS, solid waste, infrastructure, power, sugar, engineering, chemical, real estate etc.
-Stand and Benchmarking, environmental performance evaluation and zoning atlas.
-Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Mumbai.
-Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Mumbai.

Key Challenges

Mitcon had a dire need to improve on the following factors:

  1. To improve customer communication.
  2. To reduce laboratory calculations.
  3. To achieve enhanced automation capabilities.
  4. To track samples and enhance billing.
  5. To keep a track of instrument calibration of various kinds of instrumentation Mitcon was using.


Advantages Of Pro-LabManager

  1. Pro-LabManager has the ability to create a virtually a paperless laboratory.
  2. It enables proper handling, tracking and processing of samples, following the guidelines and procedures that meet or exceed the appropriate industry standards.
  3. Quotations, Reports and invoices for tested samples can be created instantaneously.
  4. Complete history and genealogy of a sample is now at the chemist’s fingertips
  5. Its modern, scalable architecture enables centralized management to reduce operational costs.
  6. Commercial Testing Lab for inorganic materials creates paperless environment to enhance operations.
  7. It’s browser based application, allows multiple users to access information from server quickly.
  8. It provides complete traceability through the integration of various roles or departments into a single solution which can be viewed on a business intelligence dashboard.