Quality Information

Why Pro-LabManager can deliver good quality information?


The analysis is linked to input in parameter master and all calculations and reports are generated by system automatically.


Both the lab owner and the customer can be confident that the report can be relied upon in all respects.


Dash Board throws up relevant & reliable information in graphical form making it easy for the Lab In-Charge,to quickly review the status about various matters & get very meaningful information for decision making.


The time gap in making the analysis and generating reports is nil and the reports are stored in PDF format, thus the availability of report is very timely


A role based system can enable all users to access the required information i.e. on need to know basis.

Cost Effectiveness

Elimination of the above mentioned time lag is achieved by dispensing with human effort required to create and dispatch the reports.


The human errors are eliminated by system since the calculations are done by the system, based on one time input in masters.

Fit For The Purpose

Documents generated by the system are customisable. Hence, the system delivers the documents practically suitable for every customer of the system.